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MyCMESite is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with convenient access to effective professional education opportunities that advance their knowledge, enhance their overall learning experience, and, in many cases, meet re-licensure requirements. Click on any of the links listed at right to learn more about programs available at this time.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome:
Latest Advances in Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Patient Management

Live CE Symposium

Achieving Optimal Visual Outcomes in Diabetic Eye Disease through a Multi-Disciplined Approach:
The Importance of Early,
Aggressive Therapy

Interactive Activity

Navigating the Challenges in Recognizing and
Managing Psychiatric Disorders for
Primary Care Practitioners

Interactive Activity

What You Need to Know
Before Starting Your Practice

Interactive Activities

Frontline Strategies for Managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Interactive Activities

Incorporating TKI Therapy
into CML Management


Using Shared Decision Making to Enhance Provider-Patient Engagement: Application to Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Interactive Activities

Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma:
Updates from the Society for Melanoma Research 2014 International Congress

An Interactive Activity

The Overall Cost of Glaucoma Treatment:
Focus on Generic Treatments
May Increase Cost

An Interactive Activity

Innovative Therapies in Motion:
An Update on Treatment Options for DME

An Interactive 3D-enhanced Activity

Managing Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
In Patients With Narcolepsy:
Insights for Neuroscience Nurses

Archived Webcast

Improving Outcomes in CML:
A 2014 Update for Managed Care Healthcare Professionals

An Archived Webcast

Improving Outcomes for Patients with MS:
A Team-Based Approach to Care

Interactive Activity

Retina Practicum:
Focusing on Optimal Management

A Case-Based Educational Symposium Archive


Interactive CME Web Activities

Treatments in Development for Uveitis:
Do We Have Hope?

Interactive Web Lecture

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